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Packages leave the studio no later than 5 business days after ordered. I handle every part of production and shipping personally.

All the time actually.  Give me a shout through the contact form. I do murals, inside or outside and personal ’tree-fication’ as well!

I do…but it would be tough to list where I’m performing at on the website so make sure to follow me on instagram @jayarr.art To keep up with where I’m at!

Absolutely. If you aren’t satisfied with the product for some reason or it came damaged, everything will be taken care of…no questions asked. Just use the contact form and I, personally will handle the issue!

Well, amazon has a small selection of frames to fit the 12 x 18 prints.  Just search: “12 x 18 picture frame” and a few will come up.  Here are a few links:

Black frame | Wood Frame | Walnut Frame

 Each print comes with a really nice piece of chip board backing, so you could double sided tape the art to the chipboard and get some BULLDOG CLIPS